On meditation, stillness, and solitude


On Meditation, Stillness, and Solitude

There's something quite meta when I write about meditation/stillness/solitude when I am actually meditating, still, and alone (not lonely, though ~ there's a difference).

So here I go again, trying to find previously unseen connections and patterns in the silence. Full disclosure: as part of my daily reflection time, I usually consult some oracle decks to jump-start my inspiration quotient (“IQ”). I have over 100 oracle decks in my collection, so I just focus on one or two for the day, depending on how Spirit moves me.

Today, though, my focus was shifted by three cards, each from a different deck. Please see the cards below, from L-R: “Meditation” from “Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards ” by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.; “Yuki-Onna: Stillness” from “Goddess Power Oracle” by Colette Baron-Reid; and “Solitude” from “Oracle of the Fairies” by Karen Kay. (All three decks are published by Hay House: copyright 1999, 2018, & 2019, respectively.)

By now you are getting a sense of where we are going here, I hope. The way I look at it is: by spending time in solitude and stillness, one can then spend time in meditation, a practice which I highly recommend. In fact, the busier you think you’ll be throughout the day, the more you should start your day in quiet reflection!

Notice, too, that our oracle cards for today come from three different decks, like I said. The ANGELS are asking you to meditate, Japanese winter GODDESS Yuki-Onna wants you to be still, while the FAIRIES want you to think of being alone as being “all-one” and in total harmony with the elements.

With angel-goddess-fairy, we go from the most ethereal ✨ down to the most mundane. Angels 😇 rule the heavenly ✨ realms, goddesses are in charge of certain aspects of our lives, while faries are the nature spirits connecting us to the bounties of the Earth. 🌎 Why limit yourself to just one entity when you can get guidance from all three?

At first I only pulled the card for the Japanese winter goddess Yuki-Onna from my “Goddess Power Oracle.” According to the guidebook, Yuki-Onna “calls you to a practice of daily meditation and stillness to.prepare you for greater productivity and results.” In a profound nonaction-now-is-actually-action way, the Goddess asks you to raise your vibrations to match the frequency of your highest intuitions,so that your thoughts can easily manifest in the world of form. “You will feel how easy it is to co-create while implementing a practice of stillness and receptivity ,” it goes on to say.

I realized that I can easily cross-reference it with some other cards from a couple of other decks; hence, our trifecta of oracle cards today.

According to “Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards,” re: Meditation, “This card is your angels’ way of asking you to quiet your mind so that your angelic communications are loud and clear.” It encourages you to spend at least five minutes in the morning with your eyes closed, breathing deeply three or four times. You can ask your angels a question, but do not strain to listen or chase the answer. Just continue to breathe in and out deeply and allow yourself to relax. The more you relax your mind, the easier it is for you to hear the angelic ✨ answer.

Now per the fairies: “Tuning in to the deep places within, where our inner treasures reside, can be a profound and enlightening experience.” To hear the fairies say it, the main offshoot of this spiritual experience is PEACE – within and without. To hear the fairies say it, true peace can only be attained when we spend precious time in solitude, in contemplation or meditation, even if it’s only for a few minutes each day.

Now when you are out of balance, you may feel alone and sorry for yourself. You’d want to counterbalance this by counting your blessings. “It won’t be long before you’re in a state of gratitude for your own divine company,” the “Oracle of the Fairies” goes on to say.

In the final analysis, if any of these cards resonate with you, then the angels, the Goddess,and/or the fairies are exhorting you to take some time out and spend it alone. The increased spiritual space allows you to be more receptive and aware of any subtle message from Divine realms.

On the other hand, any of these cards may also indicate that you’re spending too much time alone, so what do you think?

Moderation is always key.


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The Metaphysical Raven™️ by Stargazer Bles


Background info: Lately I’ve been seeing quite a a few individual ravens in my walks around the neighborhood. What could this mean for me? Good thing I have at least two relevant oracle decks with which to get clarity on these “birdly” 🐦 visitations.

A comparative analysis of THE RAVEN power/archangel animal as pulled from a couple of different oracle decks: “Power Animal Oracle Cards” by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. (Hay House, 2005) & “Archangel Animal Oracle Cards” by Diana Cooper (Hay House, 2019)

In Farmers’ deck, as you can see in.the photo, the key word is “Magic,” with the key phrase,”Own your Power.” Oh dear, I realized I just capitalized Power… due to an inner prompting just now for me TO HONOR 🎖 the Divine Feminine.

Anyway, in the accompanying guide book, Farmer opens the Raven spiel with this: “Trying to keep yourself little by denying your power so you won’t be a threat to anyone merely keeps you in a false bubble of safety.” He then goes on to say, “You’re more powerful than you think you are, so it’s time to stop pretending.” He cites a couple of examples to signify that you’re just wasting your talents with parlor tricks like “manifesting” convenient parking spaces or knowing when a certain someone is going to call.

However, there is no need to preen about your phenomenal talents. According to Farmer, “Let (your powerful magical ✨ talents) serve you, but mainly be of service to others — whether human, animal, plant, or mineral.”

So stop doubting already. With the right mix of faith, focus, and intention, own your Spirit power, a force that can move mountains ⛰. Use your gifts 🎁 to make this world 🌎 a better one for all sentient beings.

On the other hand, in Cooper’s deck, the Raven is the harbinger of change, urging you to be prepared for it. The Raven is associated with Archangel Azriel (the Angel of Birth & Death) and Archangel Bhokpi (in charge of the bird 🐦 kingdom).

In Cooper’s oracle lore, like us people, “animals , birds 🐦, insects, fish 🐟, and reptiles… originate from different stars 🌟, planets, and universes. Like us, they all have a soul purpose ✨ and a service mission.”

The Raven’s soul mission is to urge people and animals towards enlightenment. If you see a single one of these birds 🐦, like I’ve been seeing, then it is prompting you to “watch out for unexpected change, or it may be telling you to raise your consciousness before you draw something unwanted to you.”

So set pure intentions so that you attract good things ✨ into your life. You have the skills and talents 👏 enabling you to overcome 💪 obstacles in an adroit and even unconventional way. Although the Raven “warns” you of sudden change or transition into something 🤔 unexpected and new, it also does reassure you that you have all the help and support you need for the transition ahead.

In effect, the Raven as a Power Animal is a call to action in terms of magic and owning your power, whereas the Archangel Raven prompts you to prepare for any unexpected change. While Cooper’s Archangel Animal deck may seem more “out there” with its channeled talk of Archangels, it’s still as easy to grasp as Farmer’s more “practical” take on the Raven based on ancient and indigenous peoples’ traditions worldwide 🌐.

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Chiron retrograde

Another snippet of Do-It-Yourself Astrology☆TM by Stargazer Bles:

Chiron – he of the wounded healer/shaman archetype – goes retrograde in Aries at 9°26′ today (July 11), and will continue to spin backward until Dec. 15, 2020. Thing is, if you were like me who was born in the 1970s, you’d have your natal Chiron in Aries ♈ to begin with. What to do, oh what to do?

In the interests of hope and healing, be proactive about your mental health! Explanation= Aries ♈ rules the head and as mentioned, Chiron is dancing the backward lambada in that sign right now, which may result in, er, headaches, at the very least. So take special care of your overall health and be kind to others who may be undergoing Chiron issues of their own. In your woundedness itself is the hope of your healing – but only if you do the necessary soul work. The lesson to be learned is that the wound is also the gift 🎁 to attain growth.

At least try to put a positive spin to this, like heck, this Chiron retro show is just gonna be until mid-December anyway! How’s that for Polyanna-positivity? Be careful out there.

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And now a snippet of Do-It-Yourself Astrology☆TM by Stargazer Bles:

Mercury is still retrograde until July 12th, so review, retrace, recheck, reminisce, and don’t forget to recharge! Yes, Mercury retrograde has its cramping effect on life (especially on its tech, communication, and transport components), but it’s also a 3-week period (June 17-July 12) to rest and take stock of your life so far. When Mercury goes direct again, you’d be raring to go with joy in your strategic actions!

Today (July 8, 2020/Wed.) at 11:12 AM PDT, the Moon 🌙 entered Pisces, so be very gentle and compassionate with yourself and others at this time. The Moon rules your emotional landscape and Pisces ♓ is a very deep, creative sign. Therefore indulge in music, poetry, dance, or another art form that makes your heart ❤ sing and your spirit soar. Learn to follow the Moon cycle through the 12 signs of the zodiac and what it could mean for you. The Moon enters feisty Aries on Friday, July 10, 10:05 PM PDT. And so it all begins again – with the first zodiac sign. So begin again and be bold, be strong!

Kuan Yin-Isis 3/7/2020

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2020) !!!

Cards of the week: KUAN YIN & ISIS 3/7/2020

Kuan Yin: Orchid Priestess of Destiny.
Isis: Spirit of Isis. Triumph of the Goddess!

You’ve long suspected that somehow, you don’t fit in, that you’re different and not entirely comfortable with the prevailing consciousness of this world.

You know what, that’s perfectly OK. Your Soul chose to incarnate in this lifetime by not fitting in so that you will remember that feeling of discomfort, leading you to correct and heal the consciousness of this planet, beginning with the Self.

The goddess Kuan Yin, in her avatar as Orchid Priestess of Destiny, gently nudges you to find your path, purpose, and passion. Inspired by Kuan Yin’s flute music and soft orchid petals filling your heart with much elation, you are encouraged to rise again and again to fulfill your highest potential, your purpose, your ikigai. Unplug from mass consciousness and tune in to your Divine destiny for it is calling to you now.

Free yourself from the crowd, listen to your inner promptings, keep doing the small yet noble things you’re doing, and your purpose shall find you. It does not have to be an earth- shaking path; it just has to shake the earth in a positive way for you and at least one other person. THAT is how you know that you have truly made a difference.

The Spirit of Isis tells you right now that while there are times to surrender and let go, NEVER are there times to give up! In fact, Isis wants you to persevere with your bold faith and galvanized actions until even the impossible happens. The beauty of the Spirit of Isis is its spirit of triumph that never fails in her quest no matter how brazenly impossible it seems. Isis asks you to believe.

PRAYER: “My miracle shall manifest. All things are made possible through love. I open my heart now to receive this blessed miracle in the perfect time and the perfect way, according to the Unconditional love and the Divine Plan of Perfection.” With gratitude in your heart for blessings already believed obtained, you say, “Amen. And so it is.”

AFFIRMATION: My Higher Self – bodymindheartspirit – knows the way to seek my path, passion, and purpose. I act for my highest good and the highest good of all.

(Decks: “Kuan Yin Oracle ” ©️2017 and “Isis Oracle ” ©️ 2019, Alana Fairchild, Blue Angel Publishing, Australia)

You are blessed in order to be a blessing!

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Kuan Yin-Isis 1/18/2020

Cards of the Day: KUAN YIN and ISIS

Kuan Yin: The Tao. Isis: Truths Unveiled. The Revelation of Isis.

Kuan Yin, Bodhissatva of Mercy and Compassion, is gently imploring you that in respect to a certain person or situation in your life right now, it is for the highest good of all to go with the flow rather than swim against the tide. Tears, you say? Then let them flow gently, for a great cleansing within you is confluent with The Tao. A difficult situation, you say? Then let things unfold as they may, for your meddling ego is a puny force against The Tao of this external event. A volcano erupting, you say? Then let the ash and lava flow down with gravity according to The Way, respecting the mighty underworld forces seeking violent expression to disrupt seemingly dormant, outdated, and irrelevant structures crying out for change. After the cleansing, after respecting the flow – then you should, with great compassion in your heart like Kuan Yin, implore Divine Spirit for a better, more systematic, and sustainable tomorrow.

Isis, the High Priestess of Light, insists that truths be unveiled. Isis herself was betrayed by her own brother Set when he murdered her consort Osiris. She counsels you to trust your instincts about a person or situation in your life right now. If your intuition is telling you that someone or something does not compute, then listen to that, even when it concerns someone you trust who could turn out to be a snake in the grass. The truth may hurt, but the truth unveiled eventually sets you free. Accept the flow, accept the pain, yet going forward, let your Higher Self guide you about the best course of action to take.

Prayer: Om mane padme hum. (“May the heart awaken with divine compassion and may I know myself to be an awakened being of light.”)

Affirmation: My Higher Self, mind, body, and heart know the way to seek the truth and act for my highest good and the highest good of all.

(Decks: “Kuan Yin Oracle” [2017] and “Isis Oracle” [2019] , Alana Fairchild, Blue Angel Publishing, Australia)

You are blessed in order to be a blessing!

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Card of the day: FREYJA – Goddess of Beauty

Love. Beauty. Art. Acknowledge the power of beauty.

We usually associate the Norse goddess Freyja with love, beauty, and even the root word for Friday, the end of the work week which promises fun and pleasure. But did you know that she actually presides over both the living and the dead? As such, she is responsible for the souls of half of the warriors who perish in a battle.

Despite this grim duty, Freyja is mainly honored as a goddess of beauty and love – forces more formidable than war and death – no doubt because of her exceptional pulchritude. Sometimes she rides the sky in her golden chariot drawn by two gray cats, and at other times she dons a falcon-skin cloak, enabling her to fly through the air like a bird.

Have you been too pragmatic that you have deemed beauty unnecessary as an ingredient in your own life? Beauty is a nurturing force and a healing function that all humans need. Remember that beauty offers you an authentic experience of the divine that can shake you to your core. May the story of the goddess Freyja remind you of its healing power. Acknowledge the power of beauty in your life.

I once asked a bird, “How is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness?” She responded, “Love lifts me.” — Hafiz

(Deck: “Goddess Inspiration Oracle” by Kris Waldherr, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2007)

You are blessed in order to be a blessing!

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Card of the day: KISHIJOTEN – Goddess of Protection

Protection. Beauty. The Arts. Those you love most are divinely protected.

The goddess Kishijoten is acknowledged as a protector of children in Japan, where mothers ceremonially invoke her to watch over their infants and keep misfortune away. Kishijoten is also associated with the arts and beauty, and even geishas, whom she is believed to also protect, since these gifted women practise arts ruled by her.

Kishijoten’s graceful attributes stand in stark contrast to those of Bishomon’s, the god of war. The desire for protection is a reflex reaction when confronted by the violence of battle. The goddess offers us hope that those we love most are watched over by divine forces. Claim this divine protection for your loved ones!

“But Jesus called them to Him and said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.’ ” Luke 18:16, NKJV

“God is the Androgynous Principle, the Father and Mother of all. Our earthly parents symbolize this heavenly parentage.” – The Science of Mind, p. 449

(Deck: “Goddess Inspiration Oracle” by Kris Waldherr, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2007)

You are blessed in order to be a blessing!

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