So what’s your Filipino Lightworker name?

As printed in the January 15-21, 2014 issue (Volume XXV No. 2) of the MANILA MAIL, Northern California’s Largest Filipino American Newspaper in Circulation since 1990:

Pilipinasblitz Forever
The metaphysical column by Bles Carmona
(maiden article)


First of all, what is a Lightworker? According to Jacynthe Villemaire of the Way to the Well, “Simply put, this is someone who chooses to use his/her innate talents and abilities to serve the highest good, in line with divine will. A Lightworker chooses to say ‘yes’ to Spirit and the greater divine plan.”

Through my Facebook account, I recently signed up for updates from the “Connection to Creative” page by liking it. The post that caught my eye said: “Find Your Lightworker Name!” You can check it out through my astrology and tarot page at

In a nutshell, this table lists 26 spiritual sounding names for each letter of the alphabet. You’re supposed to use the third letter of your first name, and then combine it with one of the 12 descriptors based on your birth month. For example, my Lightworker Name according to that table is “Healing Light of the Lantern of Truth.” My Mom is “Peaceful Dove of the Noble Council” and my youngest sister is “Spirit Whisperer of the Third Star.”

I was creatively inspired by this to craft a Filipino version of the Lightworker Name table. In my version, there are 12 Tagalog nouns, one for each tropical zodiac sign. We will pair this with one of the 31 names of Filipino mythological gods and goddesses based on the date of birth. The two words will be connected by the Tagalog word “ni” (of). For example, since I was born on April 4, my Filipino Lightworker name is “Baluti (armor and breastplate) ni Tala (Tagalog deity, goddess of the stars).”

Find your zodiac sign Ni (+)
Aries-Baluti (armor & breastplate)
Taurus – Bulalakaw (shooting star)
Gemini-Bagwis (wings)
Cancer-Biyaya (blessing)
Leo-Bandila (flag)
Virgo-Binhi (seed)
Libra-Batas (law)
Scorpio-Balintataw (pupil of the eye)
Sagittarius-Batingaw (large bell)
Capricorn-Bundok (mountain)
Aquarius-Balangaw (rainbow)
Pisces-Balon (well)

Find the calendar date of your birth (numbers 1-31)

1-Bathala (Tagalog deity: supreme god of being)
2-Idiyanale (Tagalog deity: goddess of labor and good deeds)
3- Dimangan (Tagalog deity: god of good harvest)
4- Tala (Tagalog deity: goddess of the stars)
5-Mapulon (Tagalog deity: god of the seasons)
6-Lakapati (Tagalog deity: goddess of fertility)
7-Apolaki (Tagalog deity: god of the sun and chief patron of warriors)
8-Mayari (Tagalog deity: goddess of the moon)
9-Adlaw (Visayan deity: god of the sun)
10-Alunsina (Visayan deity: virgin goddess of the eastern skies)
11-Kadaw La Sambad (Tboli deity: sun god and supreme god)
12-Bulon La Mogoaw (Tboli deity: moon goddess and supreme goddess)
13-Kan-Laon (Visayan deity: supreme god and god of time)
14-Diyan Masalanta (Tagalog deity: goddess of love, conception, childbirth; protector of lovers)
15-Maklium sa Tiwan (Visayan deity: god of the valleys and plains)
16-Luyong Baybay (Visayan deity: goddess of the tides)
17-Sumalongson (Visayan deity: god of the rivers and the sea)
18-Diwata (Batak and Palawan deity: goddess who provides needs and gives rewards for good deeds)
19-Tulus (Tiruray deity: chief god who bestows gifts and favors to human beings)
20-Minaden (Tiruray deity: goddess who created the world)
21-Bagatulayan (Tinguian deity: supreme being and creator of the world)
22-Linamin at Barat (Palawan deity: goddess of the monsoon winds
23-Bunag (Gaddang deity: god of the earth)
24-Linamin at Bulag (Palawan deity: goddess of the dry season)
25-Limat (Gaddang deity: god of the sea)
26-Sisilim (Kapampangan deity: goddess of the dusk)
27-Libulan (Visayan deity: god of the moon)
28-Lidagat (Visayan deity: goddess of the sea)
29-Amansinaya (Tagalog deity: god of fishermen)
30-Haliya (Bicolano deity: masked goddess of the moon and arch-enemy of Bakunawa, the giant sea serpent)
31-Magbabaya (Bukidnon deity: supreme god and god of the west)

Now that you know your Filipino Lightworker Name, let your light shine upon the world! ###


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