Why should you go to the IAD 2014 event in San Francisco?


First of all, like we’ve learned in this column three issues ago, IAD stands for “International Astrology Day.” This year, all students of Western astrology will celebrate IAD on March 20, the day the Sun enters zero degrees Aries (9:57 am PDT/12:57 pm EDT). March 20 marks the Sun’s reign at the beginning of the tropical zodiac, and also the day of the vernal equinox. IAD is the astrological New Year. But if we want to keep it simple: Yay, the first day of spring, everyone!

However, most of the planned events for IAD 2014 will be happening during the weekend of March 22-23, 2014. All over the world, wherever Western/tropical astrology is studied and practiced, maybe astrologers will gather in small groups, celebrating IAD by perhaps communally baking a cake – astrology is all about birthdays, yes? – and then partaking of the feast while having stimulating cosmic conversations among themselves.

But if you happen to be within the generous loving radius of San Francisco, California, maybe you’d like to consider checking out IAD 2014 – San Francisco Bay Area style! This event will be happening on March 22 (Saturday) at 10 am-8 pm at the Starr King Room of the First Unitarian Universalist Church (1187 Franklin Street at Geary, San Francisco, CA 94109). The theme for IAD 2014 is “Astrological Visions: Navigating the Waters of Change.” Intriguing, huh? Let me give you a quick peek: when the talk comes to “waters,” you can be sure that there will be hints of Neptune somewhere since he’s the god of the sea. Furthermore, this is a special period of time because the planet Neptune is currently residing in the sign it naturally rules, Pisces, and will be hovering back and forth along the Piscean degrees until late March of 2025. That’s why some of our IAD 2014 speakers will be discussing Neptune as a signifier. The next day, March 23 (Sunday) is the Michael Lutin Post-Conference Workshop on “Weird Visions” from 10:30 am-4:30 pm at the Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room C260.

This two-day IAD 2014 event is a joint effort of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) San Francisco Bay Area Chapter and the San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS). Advance registration ended last week so the prices for the events are now as follows:

IAD SF Conference       $95/$110

Lutin Post-Conference   $70/$80

BOTH EVENTS            $155/$180

***Prices are NCGR, SFAS, or AFAN member/ non-member rates. For more information and to register online with PayPal, please go to: http://ncgrsanfrancisco.org/IADSF2014.html

Now, I’m sure that if you’re planning to go to IAD 2014 in San Francisco, you would like to brush up on your astrological knowledge. Remember that during the previous couple of weeks we talked about the keywords for the building blocks of astrology in this column – planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

But you know what? In a truly large astrological gathering where you are certain to meet new people of varying experience levels (novice, intermediate, advanced, professional), you just have to find out three things: your Sun sign, your Moon sign, and your Rising sign a.k.a. your Ascendant. Here’s a dialogue between a couple of women that you might overhear in a monthly astrological meeting:

Abby: Hi! I haven’t seen you here before. I’m Abby. Is this your first time attending our meetings?

Gail: Yes. (hands over her payment for the meeting then writing her name on the attendance sheet)

Abby: (seeing Gail write her name) So, Gail, what’s your Sun, Moon, and Rising?

Gail: My what?!

Abby: (aghast, can’t believe that Gail has no clue) Uh, you know, your signs. Where your Sun is, where your Moon is, where your Rising is…

Gail: Well… I do know my where my Sun is, that’s easy. I’ve read “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.” I’m a Virgo. But as for the Moon and Rising you’re talking about, I really have no clue. (despondent now)

Abby: (patting Gail’s hand) That’s OK, honey. Really, it’s all right. I’ll start: my Sun is in Pisces, my Moon is inBles in green-IAD flyer Aries, and I’m a Leo rising.

Gail: (perking up) Hey, I remember reading a column recently in the MANILA MAIL by this Filipinasomething that talks about keywords for the planets and signs! I remember! (This is a shameless plug for this, my metaphysical column, my labor of love: Pilipinasblitz Forever.)

Abby: Yes, I’ve been reading her columns, too. That’s good… that you still remember what you’ve read.

Gail: And you know why I clearly remember now? First, I’m a Virgo – (sotto voce) at least I know that much- (regular voice again) which means that my mind can process with clarity and efficiency. I have eidetic memory. But also, I remembered what I’ve read because of you.

Abby: (baffled) Because of me?!

Gail: Yes, Abby. You said your Sun is in Pisces. So if a keyword for Sun is inner essence and a keyword for Pisces is kind, then your inner essence is all about kindness indeed. It showed in the way that you made me feel better earlier about my lack of information.

Abby: (in wonderment) Oh…

Gail: Then you said that your Moon is in Aries.  The Moon is about emotions, and Aries is about being assertive. You greeted me at the door not just because you’re the registration person but because you were interested in talking with me.

Abby: (speechless, then just tossed her long hair back and looked Gail straight in the eye)

Gail: And Abby, you said you’re a Leo rising. The article says that the First House is one’s personal image or appearance. Well, with Leo in the First and with that beautiful mane of hair you’ve just nonchalantly tossed back, you’re a proud Lioness indeed.

Abby: Purr… would you like to get a cup of coffee with me after the lecture?

Gail: Oh my, such fire! You’re making me forget my kinda-sorta vow of celibacy…

Abby: Honey, don’t over-think this. Such a Virgo you are indeed. Just go where the feeling leads you… (fade to black)

All right. Since we’re keeping this column rated PG, we’ll leave it at that. So we go back to our point on why we had the above dialogue sample: we don’t want to be caught unprepared when someone at IAD 2014 – which you and I will be attending – asks us where our Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are. Three quick tips: 1. Head on over to www.astro.com and create your free account. 2. For a hands-on feet-wet astro-experience of creating your own chart by hand, you can buy a secondhand copy of “Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs.” The first few chapters are a very helpful astrological primer, and at the back of the book are the planet tables. Using this resource, I challenge you to find your Moon and Rising/Ascendant signs. Of course you already know your Sun sign, yes? However, if you don’t know your time of birth, Linda Goodman’s solution is to consider the Ascendant the same as the Sun sign. 3. Please do your own research. Don’t just take things at face value. Have you ever wondered why astrology works? Not just because it does, but a deeper meaning, perhaps? Tell me about what you find in your library books and scientific journals, and maybe I’ll meet you in your dream…

But hey, in our waking lives, let’s you and I have a Blitz Blast at the International Astrology Day 2014 in San Francisco, CA!!! See you beautiful people there on March 22-23!!! Go, IAD!!!


Contact Bles Carmona at pilipinasblitz@gmail.com, via Facebook at http://facebook.com/pilipinasblitzforever.org, or follow her on Twitter@BlesildaCarmona.

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