Going beyond your Sun Sign: What’s your Astro Trio? ***By Stargazer Bles

First of all, to forestall any confusion, what’s a Sun sign?


Also known colloquially as one’s “horoscope,” your Sun sign is actually your zodiac sign, your birth sign or natal sign by virtue of the month and day when you were born. The Sun happened to be in a certain sign when the miracle of your birth happened, and that is your Sun sign. Basic character delineations can be read in the astrology classic, “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs,” if you want to get to know the man, woman, child, boss, and employee, described for all the twelve signs.
However, we are now getting away from simple Sun sign astrology and moving into understanding our Moon sign and Rising sign (a.k.a. Ascendant) as well. While your Sun sign says a lot about your basic character or ego, your Moon sign describes your emotional landscape, or how you react to situations. Meanwhile, your Rising sign or Ascendant is your public persona, the face you show the world.
Therefore, how do we determine your Astro Trio composed of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?
If I were to find this out for you, I would need your complete date, time, and city of birth. The best source is your birth certificate; next best: mother’s memory if still sharp. The most practical TIP I can give you about the usefulness of the Astro Trio is this: Memorize your Astro Trio signs, so whenever you read daily or weekly horoscopes, don’t just read about your zodiac/Sun sign but your Moon and Rising signs as well. That way, you get 2-3 times the guidance, unless you’re a 3-for-1, like a sweet triple Pisces person that I know.

The next step in your Astro Trio journey is to get to know yourself better. Since you already know your Sun/Moon/Rising, find out what makes yourself tick. For example, here’s my Astro Trio: Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces, Leo Rising (Ascendant). Based on what I know about the descriptions of each zodiac sign, I could form many sentences to describe myself. Let’s try one: I am a leader/pioneer but I feel like my heart is in pieces and oh, others see me as a snobbish AF diva. Another possible self-description based on my Astro Trio: I am competitive yet compassionate and generous. Isn’t this Astro Trio concept a fun gateway to learn more about yourself through astrology?


An exact time of birth also becomes imperative in determining the “real” Sun sign of someone born on the cusp, for example: someone born on Sept. 22 may be a Virgo or a Libra. Based on the natal details provided by the native, the real zodiac sign could truly be assigned. Either she is a Virgo, or else she is a Libra, but she couldn’t be both. Personally, though, I have observed many people born on the cusp who seemed to embody the traits of both signs they straddle. Hmmm… topic for more research? We’ll see.
So what did we learn in this article?
1. What a Sun sign is, plus synonyms like “horoscope (colloq.),” zodiac sign, birth sign, natal sign
2. For the basics of knowing character traits for all 12 signs, see “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs”
3. Astro Trio = Sun + Moon + Rising signs and the need for accurate birth data.

4. Using simple key words from each sign of your Astro Trio,  you can build sentences to describe your basic character, emotional/feeling nature, and (if possible) how others perceive you.


5.Natives born on the cusp also need to provide accurate birth data because strictly speaking, they “cannot” be a blend of 2 signs: either she’s one or the other, not both at the same time.
If you need help finding your Astro Trio (Sun-Moon-Rising signs), please FB Message me via my Stargazer Bles FB Page. It’s FREE & FUN TO KNOW! Fb.com/stargazer.bles

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