Stargazer Bles is back!

Hi, fellow Stargazers of our tribe! Mabuhay!

STARGAZER BLES/bles725 is back for online readings which we can do via FB Messenger, Zoom, MMS/mobile, or Google Meet. (I don’t have FaceTime, tho’.)

I require payment first before the consult via PayPal or Venmo. For Pinas clients, I accept bank-to-bank transfer only via a Banco De Oro (BDO) account that i will specify.

For USA & other global clients = $40 for a Tarot modified 10-card Celtic spread + 2 Archangel oracle card pull.

Special rate only for Philippines- 🇵🇭-based clients for the same service = PHP 440.00

I also.offer ASTROLOGY services. For more details, please visit or email me via:

And now a snippet of Do-It-Yourself Astrology☆TM by Stargazer Bles:

Mercury is still retrograde until July 12th, so review, retrace, recheck, reminisce, and don’t forget to recharge! Yes, Mercury retrograde has its cramping effect on life (especially on its tech, communication, and transport components), but it’s also a 3-week period (June 17-July 12) to rest and take stock of your life so far. When Mercury goes direct again, you’d be raring to go with joy in your strategic actions!

Today (July 8, 2020/Wed.) at 11:12 AM PDT, the Moon 🌙 entered Pisces, so be very gentle and compassionate with yourself and others at this time. The Moon rules your emotional landscape and Pisces ♓ is a very deep, creative sign. Therefore indulge in music, poetry, dance, or another art form that makes your heart ❤ sing and your spirit soar. Learn to follow the Moon cycle through the 12 signs of the zodiac and what it could mean for you. The Moon enters feisty Aries on Friday, July 10, 10:05 PM PDT. And so it all begins again – with the first zodiac sign. So begin again and be bold, be strong!

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