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I’m putting myself out there. Let Divine Spirit and the Universe find me. So once more, with feeling:

Stargazer Bles is about empowerment and compassion.

Angel readings, oracle readings, crystal therapy, Reiki (all of which I offer) or any other healing modality are just self-reminders of our inherent capacity to balance ourselves and solve our “problems.”

Even so-called problems, as we know, could from another perspective also be avenues for bodymindheartspirit growth and enlightenment.

But wait, here’s the thing: we are already enlightened! Our Mission, then, is to awaken the rest of our human and sentient family towards luminous love, sustainability, and selfless compassion.

“Compassion is the radicalism of our time.” – His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

“We are the love of creation.” – Kuan Yin

So help me God.

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Whoever has ears…

Re: my “forecast”

Hello, Stargazer Bles denizens! As I write this, It’s May 15th, the Feast Day of St. Dymphna, patron saint of those with mental and emotional illnesses. That’s beside the point, of course, and right now I am possessed of a sound mind as I make my next statements.

You’ve read what Resti has to say, which is basically framed in the language of Astrology, which in turn is basically a study of patterns and cycles. Now let’s look at what the languages of the Tarot and the Archangels have to say about where the Philippines is headed.

The format of the 4-card Tarot spread is Past-Present-Future-Synthesis/Summary. Therefore, from L-R, I drew the following: Ace of Cups (past) – Knight of Swords (present) – X Pentacles (future) – The Lovers (synthesis/summary). Please see the photo below.

The Ace of Cups (cups=water=spirit, blessings) in the past position indicates the dynamic of abundance v. loss. True enough, the Philippines is rich in human and natural resources yet it has also weathered a lot of losses, be they nature-caused or man-made.

The Knight of Swords (swords=fire=passion, creativity) in the present position shows the dynamic of constancy v. “moodiness.” As a people, we are prodigiously tenacious in upholding family values yet surprisingly “easily swayed” by passing fads, fancies, and personalities. Could the results of the recently concluded elections be proof of this?

In spite of this, the X of Pentacles (pentacles=earth=money, resources) in the future position presages prosperity for the country. Divine Spirit still looks after its people faithfully, supplying their needs according to its riches and glory. So yes, there is still hope for the Philippines materially, but who is not to say it is time for hope spiritually as well?

The synthesis/summary card turned out to be the Major Arcana card, The Lovers – The Gemini card. This resonates synchronistically with the Gemini birth of the first Philippine republic on June 12, 1898. On the most mundane level, I see a “traditional” couple – a man and a woman – who.shall rule the Philippines wisely, equitably, and reliably in the near future.

Metaphysically, The Lovers card could indicate the union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in each of us, attaining for our nation the unity of opposites that a truly measured and sagacious rule requires. Remember the Babaylans, our local medicine folk-shamans? In effect, we will rule our individual selves effectively so we can rule others peaceably in our respective spheres of influence. What may seem like idealism now may very well be the reality of the future.

Finally, from the Archangels, we are also blessed to have the guidance of Gabriel, Haniel, and Ariel.
>Archangel Gabriel- Leadership- “It is time for you to assume your leadership power and position, and lovingly guide others.”
>Archangel Haniel- Passion- “Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career.”
>Archangel Ariel- Spread Your Wings! – “Do not hold back right now. The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!”

“Whoever has ears, let them hear.” – Matthew 11:15, NIV


Stargazer Bles

Dec. 15, 2017


Impressions for 2018 with The Tarot, Crystals, and Stones

Methodology: Blind draws from the following decks:

  1. Tarot ng Daigdig sa Balintataw by Lynyrd Narciso ©2009
  2. The Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene ©1986
  3. Crystal Wisdom Cards by Valencia Chan ©2016


January- The Magician-Blue Calcite

February-Knight of Cups-Bloodstone

March-The Chariot-Blue Chalcedony


The year 2018 opens in January with the energies of The Magician – that part of us which has mastered our lives and the manifestations of the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water). This is the part of us that is skillful, cunning, and is willing to teach and learn. As such, this is an ideal time to learn a new skill or academic discipline, with the objective of fine-tuning the mind and body to face the challenges of the new year. Blue Calcite is associated with the power of the spoken word, with its light soothing color stimulating the throat chakra of self-expression and speaking one’s truth. Monthly mantra: I only speak about what I would like to create in my life, and thus I draw it to me.

Emotional matters come to a head in February, represented by the Knight of Cups. Neither as wet behind the ears as the Page nor as sophisticated as the King, the Knight of Cups speaks to that part of us that is loving, caring, and sensitive. Relationships bloom, marriage proposals may be made, and a general feeling of love may permeate the air. Bloodstone, the key word of which is Restoration, asks, “Is there something that you are wanting to restore – a relationship, health, finance…?” Know that with strength, courage, and faith, you can overcome any adversity. Monthly mantra: I know that with strength, faith, and the power of Divine Restoration, I can heal and bless any situation.

In March 2018, The Chariot symbolizes the qualities needed to win any battle: self-reliance, righteousness, conviction, and plain hard work. In short, there will be no shortcuts for us! However, a warning is in place against overwhelming ambition and expectations set far too high. Cooperation will win the month, not selfishness and arrogance. Blue Chalcedony is known as the Faith Stone. It reminds one to have faith that the Universe has heard their request. More favorable results are obtained when one is happy and hopeful rather than when one is doubtful, frustrated, and impatient. Monthly mantra: I am a faith-filled person. I remain in good cheer no matter what is happening and things always turn around in my favor.

April-King of Cups-Carnelian

May-The Moon-Unikite

June-The High Priestess-Botswana Agate

April 2018 features the King of Cups, so at this point we have leveled up to achieve Competence.  Suave and compassionate, this speaks to that part of us who longs for a deep emotional connection. The shadow side of the King of Cups, however, is scandal. It calls for us to be discreet and mindful that we are still part of a community. This month’s stone, Carnelian, is associated with the second chakra, where the sexual organs are, so this stone corresponds to sexuality, pleasure, and desire. Also the stone for self-worth and deservability, Carnelian can help heal sexual abuse and trauma. Because the second chakra is located where the womb is, and the womb is where one gives birth, it stimulates creativity, whether for a baby, one’s artwork, sculpture, painting – the creative possibilities are endless! Monthly mantra: I honor my body and embrace my sexuality. I allow myself to have pleasure and enjoyment.

The Tarot card, The Moon, figures in May. This represents the life of the imagination apart from the life of the spirit. Being the Pisces card, this continues the streak of creativity begun the previous month, but this time with more emphasis on dreams, psychic impressions, and more serious psychic work for those who are so inclined. May 2018 is encouraging us to look deep within in reflective thought. Unikite, the stone drawn for this month, is a heart chakra stone that helps one release unforgiveness to bring healing to one’s heart. Having freed oneself of resentment and blame, it will free us of toxic energy that is contaminating our lives. Only then can we embrace a new future filled with wonderful blessings. Monthly mantra: By releasing negative emotions and forgiving the past, I am free to live a peaceful, harmonious life.

The High Priestess card, associated with the Moon, figures largely in June 2018. To forestall any confusion, The Moon card in Tarot is associated with Pisces, while the High Priestess card in Tarot is associated with the Moon (the Luminary). Suffice it to say that June carries over the general tone of the previous month. The High Priestess is about duality and mystery, wisdom and intuition, psychic ability and the Divine Feminine. As such, excesses of the prevailing patriarchal society must be countered by the peacefulness, harmony, and oneness with nature inherent within us, female AND male. We can stand by no longer while extremes of behavior toward one another and against Mother Nature are perpetrated by the powers-that-be. This is the time to choose the right side of the fight for our collective future. Botswana agate, the key word of which is Excellence, urges us to be precise and attentive to details. It encourages order and efficiency. Do not settle for mediocrity. It only takes a little extra push to make the ordinary extraordinary. Monthly mantra: I take pride in what I do. I reach for my highest potential by striving for excellence.

July-III of Cups-Picture Jasper

August-The Star-Snowflake Obsidian

September- III of Wands-Golden Quartz

July brings the conclusion of the matter, whatever the matter is. This second half of the year brings more emotional drama to the fore, but this time the end is within sight. This frees up energy to devote to one’s self-improvement, mental house-cleaning, and material tying up of loose ends. Picture Jasper, the key words of which are Law of Attraction, means that whatever you think of and speak about, that is what you will attract into your life. It’s really that simple. Additionally, once you realize that you are the creator of your reality, it will give you the power to mold your life any way you choose. Monthly mantra: My outer world is a reflection of my life within. I am mindful of the thoughts I think and the words I speak.

August 2018’s card is The Star, a very fortunate card to have. The pool of water refers to the subconscious while the land refers to the material world. Fresh hope and renewal are available to sincere seekers of enlightenment, and The Star makes healing of old wounds possible. The shadow side may be expressed as self-doubt, cynicism, pessimism, and the inability to express oneself. This month’s stone, Snowflake Obsidian, clears such negativity. It represents light overcoming darkness, it being basically a black opaque stone with flecks of grayish-white. This stone brings new beginnings, hope after a setback, and a gentle gradual improvement of an area that has caused pain in the past. Monthly mantra: As I focus on the positive, the negative energy gradually dissipates.

September is represented by the Initiative contained in the III of Wands. The shadow side of this card is delay. To prevent such an occurrence, it is best to be clear about your intentions and to plan ahead, not overlooking any single detail. The stone for this month is the Golden Quartz, the key word for which is Success. Quartz opens up the crown chakra, bringing enlightenment, and the color gold promotes abundance and success. Recognize the golden treasure that you truly are. When you can see your Divinity and know that you deserve the highest and best, you can create success in every area of your life. Monthly mantra: I connect with my Higher Self before I take action. When I do so, everything I touch brings abundance and success.

October-Ace of Swords-Amethyst

November-The Hanged Man-Crazy Lace Agate

December-The Tower-Yellow Jasper

October 2018 is ushered in by the Energy of the Ace of Swords. One month before the 2018 presidential election in the U.S., everybody wants to be Numero Uno again. We are bombarded by conflicting rhetoric from all sides, all proclaiming that only their solution to the ills of society works. The shadow side of all this energy is fear, and it may either cow us into blind submission or paralyze us into apathetic inaction. If there ever was a time to use our collective voice and movements to express our positive intentions to counteract mindless mass panic, this should be it. The Amethyst opens up the crown chakra, stimulating spiritual growth, enlightenment, and self-realization. Working with this crystal can help relieve anxiety and stress and helps connect us to our Higher Selves. Monthly mantra: I am committed to my spiritual growth. As I raise my consciousness, I become a source of light to the world.

November 2018 is represented by The Hanged Man. This Major Arcana card appears when there is a sense of having to sacrifice one thing to obtain another. It is a card of transformation, transition, flexibility, rebirth, release, and deliverance. Its shadow is materialism and an inflated ego. Being easily influenced and a lack of commitment ultimately lead to a loss of some kind. True enough, this month the fates of Presidential hopefuls hang in the balance like the Hanged Man. Self-inflicted martyrdom will either spell the beginning or the end of an era in American politics. The Crazy Lace Agate has layers of repeating lace patterns. It asks: “Is there a person or situation that has been driving you crazy, that is, repeating in a pattern?” This stone releases the negative loop, heals the anger and frustration, and gives one the courage, hope, and optimism to start again. Monthly mantra: I can start a new cycle focusing on what I want and not on how things have been. As I focus on the new, the old patterns fall away due to lack of attention.

Whether upright or reversed, The Tower in December 2018 is about sudden, violent loss, a disruptive overthrow of an existing way of life. In the disastrous political and financial aftermath, necessary changes are gradually put into place, accompanied a re-evaluation of personal and family goals, and nation-building directives as a whole. It may be hard to believe, but all of these could be a huge blessing in disguise. Appropriately, the stone drawn for this month is the Yellow Jasper, the key word of which is Optimism. The happy-go-lucky color of yellow helps one see the bright side of any situation. Yellow Jasper keeps one in a state of gratitude for all the wonderful blessings the Universe has to offer. Monthly mantra: I am a positive person. When I find things to appreciate, the Universe sends me more things to appreciate.


YEAR 2018 CRYSTAL: JADE (Good Fortune)

Strength is the Leo card, ruled by the Sun (the Luminary). A regular Rider-Waite-Smith card shows the figure of an angel gently opening the jaws of a lion. The Strength card is about discipline and control. The lion represents the primal part of the mind, and the woman, the more elevated parts of the mind. Hence, the true strength demanded of us in the entire year of 2018 must come from within, our internal compass, our inner Co-Creator. No matter what goes on outside in the world, be able to say, “It is well with my soul.” Overall, the crystal for 2018 is Jade. To the Chinese people, Jade is the crystal for good luck, good fortune, and good health. It helps attract prosperity, happiness, well-being, and longevity. Year 2018 mantra: As I am grateful for all the good fortune that I have, more blessings flow into my life.

Maraming Salamat, Mabuhay, Namaste, and Blessed Be!





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“HOW TO LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE THIS NEW YEAR: 2015 VERSION” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (Dec. 31, 2014-January 6, 2015, page A7)

Pilipinasblitz Forever
A column by Bles Carmona

For the week of Dec. 31, 2014-January 6, 2015


Happy New Year to all of us! Isang Maligaya at Masaganang Bagong Taon po sa inyo! Blessings and light!

Please allow me to share a listicle – by now you know what a listicle is, right? – that I wrote for the online how-to website called way back in 2007. I actually based my article on something that I read in the Science of Mind Magazine ( around that time. When we talk about a New Year-themed article, it may come to assume an element of timelessness since a new year will always be coming and going. Therefore, with some minor tweaks here and there, here’s how to let your light shine this New Year, the 2015 iteration!

The New Year is upon us and it calls upon us to renew ourselves. Come New Year’s Day, with the fireworks and pretty lights sparkling all around you, why don’t you let your inner light glow, too? Should you be struggling to balance yourself on solid ground at this time of the year, here are eight things to help you regain your footing and let your light shine forth!

1. Your situation is temporary. Know that if you don’t like where you are now, then it’s just a place you were meant to go through.

2. Giving thanks is important. Give thanks. Light expands with gratitude. Giving thanks draws positive energy and light into your life, pushing out the darkness and replacing it with power to manifest your dreams and heighten your awareness of life.

3. Make room for positive thoughts. Give the light your hurtful memories, including any victimhood weighing you down. Since light is magnetic, it pulls everything you give it out of the darkness and towards itself. As these negative thoughts dissolve, watch as space is cleared in your mind for more positive thoughts to now occupy, since nature abhors a vacuum. See those positive thoughts take root and grow!

4. Be an encourager. Offer encouragement to others. Your consciousness of the light inside you not only sensitizes you to your own need for encouragement but also makes you aware that others need support, too. Ask yourself, “Who needs a helping hand today?” The Talmud Baba Batra states: “One who gives a coin to a poor person is rewarded with six blessings, but one who encourages that person with words is rewarded with seven blessings.”

5. Forgiveness is powerful. Forgive someone this New Year. The late Nelson Mandela, when asked why he forgave his jailers in Robben Island who kept him prisoner for 27 years, said, “When I walked out of the gate, I know that if I continued to hate these people, I’d still be in prison.” Furthermore, forgive yourself above all.

6. Nurture yourself. Self-care honors the self and sparks illumination. How are you holding yourself in right regard this season? Are you resting enough, laughing enough, smiling at yourself enough? When we give ourselves the gift of care, we can then and only then fulfill our higher purpose here on earth.

7. See beyond appearances. Watch your steps daily and always try to see the great Light in everyone else.

8. Cultivate your Inner Light. Your New Year’s gift to yourself must be to intentionally affirm that it is the Universal Light in you that magnifies the greatest possibilities. As you do, you will function from faith and act from consciousness.

Know that you are the outlet of the Universe’s protection, provision, and power. The powers of peace, truth, and love are within you! This New Year, let the splendor of your light shine forth and light the path before you!

So what’s in store for all of us in 2015? Some financial astrologers are painting a dire picture of the collapse of the dollar, the rise of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, and the re-emergence of gold as the means of economic exchange. Some metaphysical readers, able to tap into the fifth dimension and the Akashic records, say that 2015 is a year of success, definitely much better than 2014 had been. If you ask the victims of Yolanda/Haiyan from two years ago, they may tell you that it’s just more of the same: government inefficiency, lack of livelihood, the basic lack of shelter and food. So you say to yourself: “The forecast for 2015 really depends on who I ask.”

If we were to ask from various sources, then why don’t we try asking for guidance from Tarot cards, the fairies, and the angels? But first, let’s get something from the Devotional Study Bible (NIV) to start things off. Revelation 21:5 states: ‘He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!”’ What a wonderful promise from God, and we don’t even have to wait for the Apocalypse to claim it for our lives and our planet right now.

Now let me draw three cards at random from my Rider-Waite Tarot deck. I picked the Queen of Wands, Two of Cups, and The Chariot. The year 2015 may very well be the year of women (i.e., Queen) with big ideas (Wands=Air=the realm of thoughts) and they will have enough power to implement their projects intended to restore nurture and peace the world over. The Two of Cups denotes a partnership between the masculine and feminine forces within each of us and among groups of people. Thinking laterally, spotting patterns and trends, and interpersonal intelligence will be highly valued. The Chariot is about leaning towards a more conservative direction. It’s the Cancerian card, the focus of which will be the home and family. There is a possibility that old-fashioned family values will clash with avant-garde thinking about the nature of relationships, but it is equally possible that these contrasting values will harmonize. Now here’s an oracle from the Fairies who guard Nature: “Feeling Safe – Any feelings of danger or vulnerability are healing, and they’re replaced with the certain knowledge that you are safe and protected right now.” Affirm this: I am safe. I am secure. I am completely protected at all times. Finally, here’s an oracle from the Angels: “Divine Timing – Pay attention to doors that are opening and shutting for you right now. Walk through doors that open, and learn from the doors that shut.” (Source: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.’s Healing with the Fairies and the Angels Oracle Cards)

With all these food for thought, I take my leave now and allow you to gather your own faculties and to ask for strength for another year ahead. Remember, let your light shine forth this 2015! Happy New Year!

“Using The Tarot For Problem-Solving” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2014)

Pilipinasblitz Forever
A column by Bles Carmona
For the week of Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2014


In our English 1A class this summer, our professor asked the whole class what our respective passions are. I told my group mates Luis and Markus that mine are astrology, tarot, and metaphysics in general. I told them how I love the feeling of being able to inhabit that sacred circle with my client to counsel or simply to listen. I told them that it is my honor and privilege to be of help that way. All of that is true. Add to that my desire that my client leave the consulting session with renewed hope and a sense of wonder about the events in their life after seeing them in a different, more positive light, and I have the perfect formula for my personal passion, indeed.

However, as we know, there are segments of our society that are against the use of divination methods such as astrology and tarot for the following reasons: 1. Only God knows the future. 2. The Bible warns against soothsayers, especially in the last days (see the Book of Revelation). 3. Fortune-telling is like listening to angels and then predicting the future from angelic messages and this is haram (forbidden), as can be read from The Quran chapter 53-The Star (especially 53/38). (Technical note: That’s how we write chapter and verse from The Quran, so the previous numbers mean “chapter 53, verse 38.”) 4. Other people turn it into a fate-versus-free will issue and believe that they alone are the masters of their own fate. 5. Astrology can go hang, and the tarot, too, in their estimation. They simply do not believe in these things.

Well, you could say that I’m a tarot apologist, having used these cards to my clients’ satisfaction since 2004. My personal tarot story actually began during Christmas 2003, when I was still in the Philippines. With the usual Balikbayan Box from my parents and youngest sister living in Hayward, California came gifts and goodies of all sorts, of course, but included with all those great stuff is this large-ish red box addressed to no one. I was immediately drawn to it because the transparent hard plastic cover reveals what’s inside: “The Tarot – The Traditional Tarot Reinterpreted for the Modern World” by Adam Fronteras. I immediately thought that this, among others, is surely a gift to me of my youngest sister Edna, my benefactress and moral supporter from afar.

I appropriated the book-and-deck set for myself and started teaching myself the meanings of all the 78 cards. I found that writing down the meanings straight from the book and into my journal aided me a lot in retaining what I was trying to memorize. I read the cards for myself. I read for my relatives and friends. When enough people had been telling me months after their reading that “what I said” actually came true for them (more on this later), that’s when I decided that I could do this: read tarot for others, and that’s exactly what I did.

These days I prefer giving tarot readings rather than astrological readings, which requires more “prep time.” A tarot reading to me is more in-the-moment, more spontaneous, but no less helpful than an astrological reading, in which I have to ask the client for date/time/place of birth. Usually people don’t know what time they were born, so only an “approximate chart” could be done in the meantime. With a tarot reading, on the other hand, birth data is optional so my client and I can concentrate on: problem-solving.

Here are some facts that I know to be true about the tarot:
1. If you’ve been browsing through tarot books like “Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom” by Rachel Pollack, “Pictorial Key to the Tarot” by Arthur Edward Waite, or “Tarot for Yourself: A Workbook for Personal Transformation” by Mary K. Greer (all in my personal library), you will find out that these books designate the element of Air to the Suit of Swords and Fire to the Suit of Wands. Contrary to that, Adam Fronteras assigns Fire to the Suit of Swords because one needs fire to fashion this weapon, and he assigns Air to the Suit of Wands because its original material, wood, needs air to grow and thrive. Although Fronteras’ view is not the conventional one, I have followed his system from the very start and as I did more and more readings, his system made more and more sense. So the suits’ designations in my reading style are: Swords-Fire, Pentacles-Earth, Wands-Air, and Cups-Water.

2. Please do not be afraid of the Death card (XIII; the Scorpio card) or the Devil card (XV; the Capricorn card). The Death card is “NOT about physical death but more about transformation, the death of the old self and the birth of a new person (Fronteras).” When this card appears in the reading, one needs to regenerate and set new goals for herself. It is advisable to “welcome the changes – refuse them and they will be forced upon you.” On the other hand, the Devil card warns about getting too materialistic and being excessively under the influence of others. Like the Death card, this one is also about change, “the person can and should make changes in his/her life.” The Devil card may also indicate “excessive concern with sexual conquest” and as a card of temptation, it serves as a warning to the “seeker” or “querent” (what we formally call our clients).

3. The lowdown on “what I said came true”: If any of the seekers whom I have served are reading this, I hope you remember what I told you about this in my introductory spiel before or during the reading. The reading is totally about you! You’re the one who shuffled the tarot cards while thinking of a wish (remember?) so right from the outset, from that point on until the end of the reading at least, the tarot cards are yours. You’ve imbued them with your energy and if you were truly totally open, you were accessing your subconscious/spirit/whatever you want to call it so that you can contribute your share to the consultation. The ten cards you chose for the first part of the reading (there are 5 to 6 parts of the readings I give) are the choices of your Higher Self, which according to some is just another name for an Angel. In effect, your Higher Self=Angel was sending you messages through the cards that you pick from a face-down deck that you had just shuffled. That should be enough to baffle and mystify you. So therefore it’s NOT I who “said something that came true”: it was YOU, yes it’s you who made it happen! You manifested in physical reality what was already said and done first in the higher realms, the realm of God. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” right? One prays, one consults oracles trying to confirm a fervent hope, one prays some more, and if it’s God’s will, then it shall come to pass. As above, so below.

I have been told that because I have a mole on the right side of my upper lip directly under my right nostril, I am a “powerful psychic woman.” I tried to make sense of this remark because I don’t feel psychic at all vis-à-vis my clients saying, “Hey Bles, what you told me actually happened. How did you know what’s down the road?” How? Like I told you, I merely translate/interpret the cards that the seeker has chosen. He/she is also entitled to three questions answerable by Yes or No. We also read from the Spiritual Rx, Fairy Oracle, Angel Oracle, and Saint Raphael Healing Cards. For “audience participation,” I usually have the client write down his/her own affirmations and card meanings based on what was picked from each deck. After doing all of that, it is my hope that the client will come away feeling that some of her prayers have already been answered through the reading, or that she has been asking for a sign and a particular card turns up for her, or it may be one of those yes-no questions that finally settles some matter in her mind – it could be anything. The entire process gives me personal joy and fulfillment, knowing that I am helping my client, just being present with her, lending a listening ear or a giving a word of advice, when asked. Like I mentioned earlier, the sacred space enveloping the both of us, counselor and counselee, is what energizes the two of us into an insightful exploration of her dilemma. Tarot at its finest is not just about fortune-telling, and I do not have anything against fortune-telling. But I do feel that for those of us charged with using the tarot to actually help clients solve their problems through symbols and metaphors, then we have a serious responsibility indeed.

As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben had said, God bless his soul: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Please smile. Let me try an Oscar Wilde-ish quote of my own: “Think only with half of your mind and leave the other half for thinking about nothing at all.” —original quote by yours truly. Now please smile again. Abyssinia next week!


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