Mercury retrograde 2019

Making the Most of Every Mercury Retrograde Moment by Blesilda C. De La Rosa

Note: In 2019, Mercury goes retrograde during March 5-28, July 7-31, and October 31-November 20.

Why don’t we make a list of what you CAN do during the periods when Mercury is retrograde? The way some experts put it, with all those lists of “don’ts” – don’t buy electronics, don’t sign contracts, don’t start any important ventures, et cetera – you would think you’d have to bury your head in the sand! But since life goes on, Mercury retrograde or not, what can you do to make the most of every Mercury retrograde moment?

You know, it’s easy enough to remember these RE – words:

1. Reconsider your plans.
Since Mercury rules transportation, communication, electronics, and contracts, then maybe you should schedule your agenda during this period. This may mean anything from re-scheduling canceled appointments to postponing the purchase of electronic equipment like phones or computers. Use this time to reboot and refresh your projects.

2. Relax, reflect, and receive.
It’s not healthy to be on forward motion all the time. The universe gives you these 3-week periods three times a year so you can slow down, meditate, and learn more about yourself. If the rest of the year finds you on the giving end in terms of the actions you take, then a Mercury retrograde period puts you on the receiving end, for a change. Download all that insight and reflection so you can be a better person.

3. Remove the trash.
Clear out clutter and physical trash – but more importantly, cut out toxic habits, relationships, and ingrained tendencies toward worry and anxiety.

4. Remember your lessons in love, work, or money from the past. Repeat the steps that worked successfully and gently bid adieu to schemes that didn’t. Mercury retrograde periods are notorious for being the setting for returning karmic connections. If you have done your homework and taken out the trash, then you won’t be blindsided by nostalgia.

Remember your past triumphs so that going forward, you are ready to level up in applying the beneficial lessons in your brilliant life!

“Making Mercury Retrograde Periods Work for You” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2015; page A7) (Photo credit:

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A column by Bles Carmona
For the week of Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2015


Yes, you are correct in supposing that we are in the midst of one of those tricky Mercury Retrograde periods again. Just what is this period, which we astrologers abbreviate as “Mercury Rx?” Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is the apparent backward motion of that planet as seen from the earth, occurring for 21 days three to four times a year. This year, Mercury Rx will occur on the following dates and degrees: January 21-February 11 (1-17 degrees Aquarius); May 18-June 11 (4-13 degrees Gemini); and September 17-October 9 (0-15 degrees Libra). Here is what “Jim Maynard’s Astrologer’s Datebook 2015” says about this:

When Mercury is retrograde, we can expect indecision and changes in plans. Retrograde periods for Mercury require much caution and orderly thinking. It is a good time for research, planning, examination of resources, and completion of projects already begun. During this period we might consider waylaid projects from the past or go back to old ideas or plans. Avoid beginning new projects.

If you listen to conventional wisdom about Mercury Rx, you’ll find yourself unusually hampered by a lot of warnings: don’t sign contracts, don’t buy anything electronic, don’t get married, don’t travel – among others. However, hiding yourself for three weeks every time Mercury Rx periods hit is neither productive nor desirable. True, the apparent backtracking of this quicksilver planet does symbolize and urge a slowing down of some sort, but surely not a grinding halt. Life does go on, right? There are contracts to be signed, electronics to be bought, destinations to travel – although I personally draw the line at getting married during a Mercury Rx period. Here is what famed astrologer Linda Goodman said about this in her “Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs”:

Mercury rules language, our intellect, and all things contractual. The planet’s motion, when retrograde, can cause delays and misinformation since its movement is contrary to best astrological results. Things become complicated and confusing. When I think of Mercury Retrograde I think of Re. Re-do, re-organize, re-figure, re-write, etc. Yes becomes no. Reservations, correspondence, and travel get fouled up. Who wants this for a wedding date? Or a move-in date? Thankfully, Mercury is Retrograde a few times a year. Avoid it if you can. Work around Mercury Retrograde and your important days will be memorable for the right reasons. Why fight it? (Goodman, L. “Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs,” p. 441)

Anyway, the point is, Mercury Retrograde may not be the right period to do certain things, but it is ideal to accomplish others. If you read the more upbeat astrology blogs, you will be directed to tend to deeper things during this period like: restore, replenish, rethink, reinvent. We are exhorted to do some introspection to figure out where we can improve our lives. A clue to what area in our life needs a bit more attention is determining which house in your natal chart the current Mercury Rx is traversing. For example, this current Mercury Rx from Jan. 21-Feb. 11 at 1-17 degrees Aquarius is in my 6th house, and this house rules job and health matters. During these three weeks, I can use my “down time” to improve my health regimen and rework my resume, for example. This could be my preparation for when Mercury goes direct again and it becomes favorable for communication, travel, and contracts again.

The next Mercury Rx period, May 18-June 11, will be on the 4-13 degrees of Gemini. In my chart, those degrees will be in my 10th house, which rules career and reputation. When that period comes, maybe I could work on a restatement of my career goals, reviewing the lessons I’ve learned from the past so that I can start on a clean slate. The last Mercury Rx period on September 17-October 9 on the 0-15 degrees Libra falls on my 2nd house which rules possessions and values, among others. I may use this period to rethink my values and prioritize what I truly deem important in my life.

The foregoing was just an example of how the energy of Mercury Rx can be useful to you personally. If you have access to your natal chart, then you can pinpoint which houses in your chart will be affected by Mercury Rx. This is the house where you may do all the “re” activities recommended during these introspective periods. Re-do, re-think, re-write, re-build, re-configure, re-trace, re-make, re-emphasize, re-invent. Come to think of it, our spirits may actually need such a respite, since we are fast-forwarding through our lives during the other 302 days when Mercury is spinning direct as seen from the earth. I believe that we could make these Mercury Rx periods work for us. Instead of viewing these periods negatively, we need to welcome them in our lives like a spiritual inhale-exhale cycle – a time to rest and regroup for renewed energy for the challenges ahead.

We are living in the midst of cycles in our lives – cycles within cycles – of seasons, age, planetary cycles, birth-death-rebirth, among others. My prayer for all of us is that as we grow older in age, we also develop wisdom, a sensitivity to the cycles, seasons, and recurring patterns in our lives, and then have the courage not to fight where the cycles lead us but to go with the flow.


Who’s Afraid of Mercury Retrograde? in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (Feb. 5-11, 2014)


Certainly not I, but it took me a while to get in sync with Mercury’s rhythms. Among fellow astrologers, it has become de rigueur to complain about the many ways that Mercury Retrograde has cramped their style or ruined their mojo. You see, in Western astrology, the planet Mercury rules communications, travel, and technology.  People have noticed that during the periods when Mercury appears to go backward on its path as seen from the Earth, delays and glitches run rampant at an incredible rate across mundane affairs.

You may or may not be aware of this astrological phenomenon, but it does happen three times a year for three weeks at a time. Referred to as Mercury Rx for brevity, its first occurrence for 2014 is from February 6-28. Mercury goes retrograde again from June 7-July 1 then from October 4-25. With Mercury Rx goes the usual astrological warnings like: Don’t sign any contracts, and since marriage is one such contract, then don’t get married when Mercury is Rx. Don’t buy major purchases especially electronic/technological gadgets because they will not function properly. Don’t travel. Don’t make any major decisions. Don’t do this and don’t do that. Computer conk-outs, dastardly delays, and erratic electronics are just some of the aberrations attributed to Mercury Rx. Truthfully, from the geocentric vantage point which is the basis of Western astrology, several planets go retrograde during their respective cycles, but darned if we know why it is the retrograde periods of Mercury that seem to be causing the most noticeable forms of havoc among them all. It’s a fascinating, perplexing mystery.

However, I belong to the more positively predisposed camp of modern astrologers who would like to suggest what you can do, rather than what not to do, whenever Mercury goes into its inevitable, three-times-a-year three-week retrograde periods. As some of my colleagues have said, it’s impractical to give advice which is akin to hiding one’s head in the sand until Mercury Rx blows over. Life as we know it does not stop just for a “silly planet,” as astrologer/fashionista Gala Darling blogged this week.

So… sign that contract but read the fine print first, not just once but plenty of times. Buy that important piece of office equipment but be sure to keep the receipt and get a warranty. Complete your travel arrangements, double-checking everything and maybe bringing a book to read should there be some delays. Have your car tuned up, your computer backed up, and your cell phone juiced up – but still be prepared for these electronic gizmos to go on the fritz every now and then. In each of these scenarios, the important thing to ask yourself and prepare for is: What’s my backup plan?

Just my personal opinion, though: Peeps, please just try not to get married during Mercury Rx. You have enough stacked against you in the first place if you do decide to get hitched, so why handicap yourselves some more? There are approximately 302 other days of the year with which to schedule your ceremonial I-do’s, when you’re not under the influence of a mental fog brought on by Mercury Rx. For the matrimonially minded, you may want to Google April Elliott Kent of Big Sky Astrology, who specializes in helping couples choose a date and time for their wedding. That branch of our art is called Electional Astrology.

So what can we do during a Mercury Rx period?

Well, here’s an idea for what already married couples can do during Mercury Rx: Re-new your vows! (My parents, Ron and Aida Carmona, will indeed by renewing their vows when they visit the Philippines this month. Happy 45th wedding anniversary po, Ma and Dad!) For the clutter-challenged: Re-organize your closet and re-arrange your living space! For the frazzled: Re-lax, re-charge, re-juvenate and take care of yourself! For the proudly independent: Re-connect with a former flame or a former best friend! Don’t be surprised if people from your past do re-surface at this time. For the career-minded: re-tool your resumé and re-view your personal goals! For the sentimental: Re-read your old journals, re-play your old favorite records, re-watch your old favorite movies, re-visit your old haunts, and re-kindle your energy for the activities you used to enjoy doing. Are you getting the sense of these RE- things that we can all safely do while Mercury is retrograde?

Finally, I would like to share with you a poem that I wrote in 2002, which is included in my poetry book, “A Novice in Altruism and Other Poems,” which is available at the Arkipelago Books in San Francisco and the Revolution Bookstore in Berkeley. Let us honor the trickster god Mercury with our grain-of-salt-flavored sense of humor!


Mercury goes retrograde a few times a year. Seen from the Earth, this planet whirls on an apparent backward route. Since Mercury rules the intellect, language, and all things contractual, Mercury when in retrograde motion fouls up plans, delays action, and stimulates misinformation.

When my guru Linda Goodman thinks of Mercury Retrograde, she thinks of Re: Re-do, Re-organize, Re-figure, Re-write… you get the idea.

When Mercury retrograded for a second time out of three in year 2000, I was Re-admitted twice to the hospital, my personal finances were Re-arranged, my dwelling place was Re-located.

Mercury is retrograde again just now so I have to Re-trace my steps back to the house because I just Re-membered that I forgot my car keys!


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