Picks of the Ego and Spirit: crystals and stones

Blessings and Light Reflections #3
For March 19, 2017 (Sunday)
My Ongoing Love Affair with Crystals and Stones


Let me state at the outset that my nascent interest in crystals and stones was stoked to full flame upon meeting Ms. Valencia Chan, the owner of Angel Light Books & Gifts located in Berkeley, CA, sometime in 2014. I was such in awe of her extensive experiential knowledge about not just crystals but all things metaphysical. In short, I was hooked and started slowly building my “rock” collection.
I remember that when I first visited the store and purchased a couple of things, she asked me to pick a stone from a generous basketful of such – but here’s the catch: I have to pick a stone with my eyes closed. It was Ms. Valencia’s tradition to allow first-time customers to do so. My blind pick turned out to be a ruby-fuchsite, a green-and-pink stone, which Ms. Valencia explained as having to do with healing my heart so that I can love again. Somehow throughout the years, I seem to have misplaced that beautiful stone. However, I took it to mean that that ruby-fuchsite has done its work with me and has moved on.
So also throughout the years, upon attending classes and buying stuff from Angel Light on an irregular basis (yes, you read that right: irregularly), I’ve had the privilege of being able to pick stones again, every once in a while. Apparently, a stone we pick with our eyes open is what our “ego” wants us to select: its color, feel, sheen, etc., may all appeal to our senses. However, a stone we pick with our eyes closed is what our Spirit wants us to choose, and in this case the spirit-stone’s message to us carries more weight.
For instance, take one of my spirit-picks, Rhodonite. It is a pink and black love stone. Black being one of the colors for the Root/Base chakra, the black in Rhodonite aids love by removing blockages, obstacles, and negative energies, allowing love to have space in one’s heart. Pink, of course, is the color of the Heart chakra, elevating one’s energy levels, while black is grounding so it can stabilize existing relationships. My personal experience with the color black is that it is not to be feared. It is actually to be appreciated, especially in stone or crystal form, since it brings emotional wounds and scars to the surface to be transmuted. So pink and black rock!
The next stone I want to introduce to you, Malachite, is a green stone with deeper green and/or black lines and whorls. It was one of my ego picks after I got an answer wrong in the “Crystal Awareness” post-class exam. The question went something like: What is the color of a healing stone and give some examples. So apparently the correct answer is “green” since it corresponds to the Heart chakra and this chakra balances itself. Some examples of green-hued stones are jade, emerald, and – you guessed it, malachite. Malachite has a high copper content, so it is said to aid in reducing inflammation and physical pain. Therefore: think green, think healing.
Here’s another spirit-pick of mine: Leopard Skin Jasper, related to the totem animal leopard. Apparently, when leopards stalk their prey, they are very focused, vigilant yet silent. Allow me to quote further from the “Crystal Wisdom Cards” as to the advice of this stone: “If you have a goal, keep it sacred by keeping it secret. When you reveal too much before it is ready, you dissipate the energy. Stay focused, stay vigilant, but keep quiet about it until it is ready to be revealed.” Leopard Skin Jasper urges us to be quiet and humble, reminding ourselves that we do not need other people’s approval to validate our worth.
Yet another spirit-pick of mine is Blue Lace Agate which is the crystal for communication and speaking one’s truth. Admittedly, I have a hard time expressing myself by speaking up due to self-doubt and second-guessing other people’s reactions. This light-blue stone is ideal for those who are anxious about public speaking, or for orators and teachers who want to expand their audience. Health-wise, it is said to be useful in the treatment of thyroid conditions, laryngitis, and speech impediments. Blue Lace Agate encourages us to be brave enough to express our authentic self.
Here is a stone that was mailed to me when I first ordered from Angel Light’s online store: Mookaite, the keyword for which is “exuberance.” Mookaite, with its shades of red and brown, is known as the anti-aging stone because it is said to bring renewed energy and vitality. Do you want to revive your sense of adventure? Would you like to gain the courage to try new things? Well, Mookaite could be the stone for you! It is also said to fortify the immune system, heal wounds, and purify the blood.
Let’s end with the Affirmation for Mookaite: Every day I am renewed in youthfulness and vitality. I have a zest for life and the exuberance to live life to the fullest!
Disclaimer: Information contained here is metaphysical – not medical – in nature. I receive no payments from Angel Light Books & Gifts. May blessings and light be upon you!