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I’m putting myself out there. Let Divine Spirit and the Universe find me. So once more, with feeling:

Stargazer Bles is about empowerment and compassion.

Angel readings, oracle readings, crystal therapy, Reiki (all of which I offer) or any other healing modality are just self-reminders of our inherent capacity to balance ourselves and solve our “problems.”

Even so-called problems, as we know, could from another perspective also be avenues for bodymindheartspirit growth and enlightenment.

But wait, here’s the thing: we are already enlightened! Our Mission, then, is to awaken the rest of our human and sentient family towards luminous love, sustainability, and selfless compassion.

“Compassion is the radicalism of our time.” – His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

“We are the love of creation.” – Kuan Yin

So help me God.

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“Exploring Reiki as healing energy” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (June 17-23, 2015; page A5)

Pilipinasblitz Forever
A column by Bles Carmona
For the week of June 17-23, 2015

Exploring Reiki as healing energy

Last weekend, my mother and I, along with our classmates, attended a two-day class on Reiki I, receiving the necessary training and attunements from our Reiki Master, Ms. Catherine Walters of For those of us who have been hearing about Reiki and who wanted to know more about it, Ms. Catherine says that the best way to learn about Reiki is to experience it firsthand, like our small class did.
So what is Reiki anyway? Our teacher describes Reiki as “healing energy that restores balance through touch or intention.” The Japanese word Reiki (pronounced Ray Kee) is usually translated as “Universal Life-Force Energy.” “Rei” refers to The Universe, All-That-Is, or Divine Intelligence, while “Ki” is the life force energy or prana that flows through everything: people, plants, animals, rocks, crystals, and even inanimate objects. Reiki is actually an ancient technology which was rediscovered by a Japanese Buddhist priest, Dr. Mikao Usui. After years of study, Dr. Usui found a way to access and use this healing energy which he called Usui Reiki Ryoho or Reiki as it is commonly known. Our teacher says that Reiki can simply be defined as Love, Peace, or Tranquility.

What happens during a Reiki treatment/massage? The Reiki practitioner places her hands on your fully clothed body, lightly touching you from head to toe, holding her hands in each position for several minutes. This treatment covers the entire body and rebalances the seven centers or chakras in the physical body. These chakras or energy centers from bottom to top are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, an imbalance in any of which may result in illness of some sort.

In our Reiki-intensive weekend, we all got to experience Reiki for ourselves, taking turns as healer or healee, and there were as many impressions as there were individuals. When I was the one on the massage table, I would feel very warm to the point of perspiring as Ms. Catherine and my fellow classmates gently laid their healing hands on me. Afterwards, they’d say that I have that blush on my cheeks (from the heat?). When it was my turn to lay my hands on a healee, I’d feel either her warm or cool feet, warm or cool shoulders, etc. It varies per individual. The one thing that never changes is that the client gets exactly what she needs because her inner healer already knows it: love, peace, joy, harmony, tranquility, relaxation, hope, more energy, or relief from pain. At the start of the session, the practitioner usually asks what the client likes or needs to receive and then healer and healee create an intention for it. Ms. Catherine did add a note about an intention worded as “relief from pain”: the subconscious mind will latch onto the word “pain” and may not release the client from it, so it may be necessary to re-frame one’s intention in a more positive manner, for example, “healing and comfort for my lower back,” or “stronger joints.”

What conditions does Reiki treat? Practically anything. You see, Reiki restores the balance among our physical-mental-emotional-spiritual selves. It is as effective in treating a simple cold as it does cancer or depression. Since Reiki is considered as a complementary modality to any western form of treatment like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and others, it can be used in conjunction with any of those without harm. In Ms. Catherine’s own experience, here is how she puts it, “Personally, I use Reiki to help me remain balanced and optimistic. This means I’m less likely to feel worried, stressed, depressed, or overeat, plus it eases sore muscles and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort. I also think of Reiki as the best First Aid for it brings comfort and clarity as soon as it’s requested.”

Here are some possible uses of Reiki: deep relaxation, releasing energy blocks, cleansing, transferring of Universal Life-Force Energy (to people, animals, plants, minerals), and increasing the rate of one’s vibration. The first guideline is to give yourself Reiki every day before you offer Reiki to someone else. The second guideline is to never pressure anyone into receiving Reiki.

Here are some clarifications about Reiki: Reiki is not a religion. It is a spiritual science with a universal application, which can enhance any religious practice. Reiki is not a substitute for a doctor or conventional medical treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose nor prescribe for illnesses, which includes mental or psychological afflictions. Reiki complements and supports all conventional and alternative healing arts. Reiki should never be given when someone is under a full or local anesthesia. If you feel unwell or emotionally upset, apply Reiki to yourself to return to an inner state of calm and wellbeing before working on a client. Reiki still works when you are unwell, but the energy will first go to you before going to the client. Hydration – or simply the drinking of plenty of water – is highly recommended both to the Reiki practitioner and the client. Ms. Catherine says that one should drink half our body weight in water every day. So drink up, folks! (Drink water, that is.)

That weekend and through the months preceding it, I’ve been having some trouble with my throat. It seems like the hoarseness of my voice has never really left me after my hospitalization for pneumonia in early April. Since the throat chakra is about speaking one’s truth, I realized during our Reiki I weekend with Ms. Catherine that I have a lot of unexpressed anger about certain situations in my life, such that symbolically and in actuality I “can’t speak up.” But then during one of my attunements with her, she mentioned something about “annamrita” which is the food that a mother gives to her child. She said that I gave that gift to her and thanked me for it. I don’t claim to fully understand what happens during attunements, having received a total of four during the weekend, but the attunements are supposed to get us ready to receive the Reiki energy. The 21-day clearing process is set into motion that clears old patterns and thought processes which inhibit our growth of consciousness. The process starts with the attunements and goes through each of the seven chakras three times.

Finally, here are the prime Reiki Principles: Just for today, do not anger. Just for today, do not worry. Honor your parents, teachers, and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show gratitude to every living thing. (Reiki) (Usui Shiki Ryoho)
Reference: Reiki I Course Handbook written by Catherine Walters, Reiki Instructor

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“ADVENTURING AGAIN AT ANGEL LIGHT BOOKS” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (Nov. 19-25, 2014)

Pilipinasblitz Forever
A column by Bles Carmona
For the week of Nov. 19-25, 2014

It was the third Sunday of November. Per Angel Light Books and Gifts Store tradition, the third Sunday of the month is when the Angel Light Metaphysical Fair is held. The Angel Light Store, located in Berkeley, is “your one stop store for all your Metaphysical needs,” like their business card states. I would have to agree. The business card has a color picture of the Archangel Chamuel (the archangel of peaceful relationships/love), as well as the important data like the address: 3347 MLK Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703; the phone number: (510) 985-1600; and the email: I think that when you read further, at one point you will feel the urge to at least check out their online store, or maybe even the Angel Light School of Metaphysics which offers certifications and courses in the psychic and healing arts in-house or online. If you’re curious, please check it out:

I already wrote a column about this book store in the May 28-June 3, 2014 issue of the Manila Mail, but here’s an update. Let’s go back to the Angel Light Metaphysical Fair to which I recently went and which regularly happens on the third Sunday of the month. There were a couple of readers present: Ms. Eloise Hill and Ms. Helena Mazzariello, as well as a Reiki Master, Ms. Catherine Walters who gives free Reiki sessions. During these fairs, a 15-minute reading only costs $20 which I think is very reasonable considering that these effective and experienced professionals charge a much higher price during regular individual sessions with them. You can check out all their offerings on their respective websites: Candle Stone Tarot (, (Ms. Helena Mazzariello), and (Ms. Catherine Walters).

This is my first time to go to one of this store’s fairs and I guess I was a bit overwhelmed. There were times during the sessions that I felt I’ve spaced out and missed hearing some important points that these readers wanted to get across to me, but as Ms. Cathy told me later, “It doesn’t matter. What your conscious mind may miss, your subconscious mind retains.”

My first 15-minute session was with Ms. Eloise Hill. She is a writer, psychic (clairaudient/clairvoyant/clairsentient), and tarot reader. She was an acute-care nurse for a number of years before deciding to write and nurture her more intuitive side. She is the author of a couple of the Eileen McGrath Tarot Series of mystery books, “Eight of Pentacles” and “The Queen of the Barley Moon,” now available at Amazon. She also teaches individual classes and courses on Thoth Tarot 101, Divination 101 (rune-casting, tea-leaf reading, and palm reading), Wicca 101, Chakras 101, and Astral Projection. She hosts the Psychic/Tarot Faire at Angel Light every first Saturday of the month. For my reading, I chose for her to do a tarot reading for me. Ms. Eloise uses the Thoth deck so I’m not quite familiar with the imagery since I work with the traditional Rider-Waite deck myself. But hey, I was there with a mindset to learn new things and expand my grasp of the metaphysical, after all. The points I would like to share with you from Ms. Eloise’s sessions are: 1. It looks like the next 3-6 years would be more favorable for me. 2. I must learn not to “over-give,” but to balance giving and receiving. 3. I will be reconnecting with my strengths, and will have the strength to let go of habits or mindsets that do not serve me anymore. (Quitting smoking, anyone? More exercise and less food intake, maybe? Charging for my readings instead of giving them away for free most of the time?)

Next, I had a psychic reading and aura cleansing with Ms. Helena Mazzariello. She is an artist, clairvoyant, healer, and teacher. Among the readings she offers are: clairvoyant, past life, aura/chakra, Ascended Master, pet, house healings, Akashic records, plus female energy tune-ups, substance addiction healings and deprogrammings. She told me that the aura around me is a distinct shade of blue (she didn’t know it was my favorite color) with a bit of red thrown in, which is good for action and assertiveness. She taught me how to ground myself from the very top of my head (crown chakra), down to my feet, and way, way down below the earth where I must let go of these certain brown-colored “depressed” energy that’s not even my own. Upon reflection, I do admit that in the course of my listening with compassion to other people like my tarot clients or my friends, sometimes I tend to feel their pain too much and end up feeling depleted and sad myself. Now Ms. Helena tells me that there is a way to shield ourselves from other people’s energy, to establish some boundaries, and to ground ourselves. She asked me, “Do you meditate?” I answered honestly: no. Ever the optimistic one, she told me of one very simple and effective type of meditation: the shower meditation. Yes, take a shower! The water sluices down from the top of your head and the water, carrying all the negative energy, goes down the drain and deep into the earth. Cleanse your aura, take a showah, right? (Grin.)

Finally, I sampled the free Reiki session offered by Ms. Catherine Walters. Ms. Cathy, aside from being a Reiki Master, is also a clinical hypnotherapist. She began the session by giving me an orientation about what Reiki is, especially what it means: “rei” means universal, and “ki” means energy (also called “chi”). In effect, Reiki is the universal energy all around us, and Ms. Cathy is quick to qualify that she is just the conduit. During the actual session itself, I was seated in a swivel chair with Ms. Cathy standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders, explaining that although the hands can be placed anywhere, she chose the shoulders for their proximity to the heart. She began to speak about energy and healing while her hands were on my shoulders. Later on, I told her honestly that at some point I must have spaced out because although I was hearing her voice, I couldn’t understand what was being said. That prompted her remark about our subconscious catching it anyway if our conscious mind ever missed anything. We discussed gratitude and appreciation (there is a difference, she said) and how to make my crown chakra (masculine) work with my throat and heart chakras (feminine). They must work together, not just one or the other, and she said that I would reach a lot of like-minded people through the written word.

As for the owner of Angel Light, Ms. Valencia Chan, here’s her bio from the Instructors tab of the School website: “Valencia has owned and operated Angel Light Books and Gifts since 1989. An avid metaphysician, she has studied in depth topics including astrology, tarot, crystals, and feng shui. She received her certification in astrology in 1987 from Experience Astrology in San Francisco and for Feng Shui in 1996 from Feng Shui Design in Grass Valley. Being Chinese, feng shui has always been an integral part of her culture. Her knowledge of crystals includes attending workshops from various teachers, studying from an extensive library of books and most of all from her personal experience of selling and giving away thousands of stones over the years. “I’m always amazed at how the perfect stone will find its way to the person who would most benefit from its power.” Valencia teaches How to Read the Rider Waite Tarot Cards, Astrology 101, Feng Shui 101, Crystal Awareness, Stones Awareness, and Chakra Awareness.” There are more classes, fairs, and special events scheduled in the near future. The store’s website is quite updated so please check it out for the details, and the gracious Ms. Valencia is always just a phone call away. I definitely had a great time at the Fair and will come again one of these days! (